Hoover Investigations was founded in 1964 by Mel Hoover Jr. After serving time in the United States Airforce he always had an interest law enforcement, with most of his family being affiliated in the field Mel started off taking classes in Washington State laws, Procedures, and various courses to get familiar with the private sector. He worked under several detective agencies until he had a firm understanding of the field. In 1964 received his Private Detective License and was commissioned by the Tacoma Police Dept City Manager as a Special Police officer. After 40+ years under our belt we have worldwide associates covering everything from fingerprinting to murder including some very high profile cases involving Aviation crash investigation and racketeering defense for a local police department. Hoover has also published a book in 2005 titled "Hoover I spy PI" that outlines some of the cases he has encountered over the years.
Hoover is also affiliated of the following organizations.

* World Association of Detectives
* National Association of Detectives
* Pacific NW Association of Investigators
* International Chartered Investigators
* International Criminologists Registration
* National Fraud Investigators
* American Law enforcement Officers.